Is your android phone lactose intolerant?

How many of us bought android phones when they first came out ,upgraded only upto 2.3 gingerbread,and then you were stuck with them for ever,the only thing you wanted was an upgrade to android 4.0 (ice cream sandwhich),but NO your manufacturer didnt grant your 1 little wish ,well if you like ics,and are stuck with gingerbread,you can try out a ics replacing launcher called NOVA LAUNCHER . it may not be as customizable as GoLauncher ,but it certainly is amazing. The NOVA LAUNCHER PRIME,makes your phone A FULLY WORKING ICS DEVICE. You can customize ,home screens,icons,your App Drawer,even the dock,and much,much more.the only diffrence between go launcher and NOVA LAUNCHER PRIME is the consistancy,in my 7 months use ,not once my phone has crashed.i highly reccommend this app ,you can download it from The Google Playstore(buy the full app,it is definately worth the money), The NOVA LAUNCHER PRIME gets 8 star in my review . .. . (end)


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