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Control your torrents from your android device.

Are you big torrent downloader? ,downloading 10s and 20s of torrents in a day?,
well,this post may help you abundantly,because  it is going to be about a type of remote by which you can control ALL YOUR TORRENTS FROM THE PALM OF YOUR HAND,isn’t it amazing? you can go here,to download it from the google playstore.
say you want to download something ,but also want to go and hangout  with friends,the solution to this dilemma? utorrent remote,you start the download on your desktop,click  the little phone icon at the top right corner ,set a unique username and password ,that’s  it ! you are done , just turn off the screen and go hangout with friends.

when you want to check the download status just sign into utorrent remote with your unique username and password ,and ta-DA you can manage ALL your torrents ,from this handy litle app.

And yes you can download new torrents too! visit one of the torrent website ,click the “Magnet Link” and there will be a option “u torrent remote” ,just click it and it will be downloaded in your desktop REMOTELY.
utorrent remote gets a 7.8 star in my review.

(note:you need to have utorrent as your downloading client to make this work..Du-uh)
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